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WP HackerCast – Episode 9 – Simon Dowdles – Managing Multiple Things

WP HackerCast – Episode 9 – Simon Dowdles – Managing Multiple Things

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Hi there and welcome to episode 9 of the WP Hacker Cast. Today I’m joined by Simon Dowdles, a fellow WordPress developer who I have known for about a year now as we work together on Seriously Simple Podcasting and Castos. Simon has a wealth of work, development, WordPress, Joomla, all kinds of experience, having worked for various agencies in and around Cape Town as well as his own freelance and side projects. I had a great chat with Simon and we spoke about everything, from development to how to manage your time better, to just little tips and tricks that freelancers can use and learn to make their businesses run smoother. I hope you enjoy my chat today with Simon Dowdles.

Show Notes:

Deluxe Coffeeworks

Wings Coffee Roasters

Freelance Cape Town

Digging into WordPress

Team Treehouse




Simon on Twitter

Simon’s website

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WP HackerCast – Episode 8 – Deborah Butler – Code Saloon

WP HackerCast – Episode 8 – Deborah Butler – Code Saloon

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Happy New year and welcome to the first WP Hacker Cast of 2018. Hopefully you enjoyed Episode 7, even though it was just my rambling voice. Fear not though, as we are back to the regular format.

Before I introduce my next guest I’d like to take this opportunity to perform the obligatory request for feedback. If you like this, or any of the other WP Hacker Casts, please take a minute to either leave a rating or review on iTunes, comment on this podcast itself, or use the feedback form on the website to send my your comments.

Without any further ado, let’s get onto this week’s episode. For the last recording of 2017 I was joined by Deborah Butler, a front end developer who specializes in WordPress. We dig deep into various topics, ranging from how Deborah went from sales to development to teaching, up to and including her thoughts on being a gay woman in the tech space.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

Show Notes:

Friends of Design

Cape Town Front-end Developers

Freelance Cape Town

The Startum Project



Deb on Twitter

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